Looking for the perfect Thank You gift to send your clients when they book you?

Pressed Cotton has created a program especially for wedding professionals!

Simply choose a product from our inventory that matches your style and budget. You will receive 20% off our list price. Every time you book a new client, send us their name and address, and we will wrap your gift, enclose a hand-written thank you note, and ship it straight to their doorstep.


What better way to say thank you than with a gift the couple can use at their wedding or in their home as they start their lives together?

To participate in the program, simply:

  • Apply using the form below
  • Send your first gift within 2 months of signing up
  • Send at least 6 gifts per year
  • You also have the opportunity to send us your custom stationery for your enclosed gift message.

* Favors and found items are not included in our "From You to Yours Program". If you are interested in sending favors through this program, contact us to discuss.



Our designers have carefully selected the best gift ideas
for you to choose from at From You to Yours Discounts



To apply to become a member of the From You to Yours program, submit the following form.
Once you have been approved, we will email you a username and password and you can login on this page.
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