A wedding announcement, a party invitation, a greeting that unfolds into a gathering of friends and family. Pressed Cotton is a place where these gatherings take shape. We are a group of designers and artists who love paper, fabric, texture, color and above all, well-styled events. We believe that a wedding or party is defined by its atmosphere, and the atmosphere is created by the details. The greatest host is one who considers each detail and thoughtfully arranges them with their guests in mind. Here, we have considered everything hosts need for a perfect gathering. We have hand-picked interesting objects, custom designed stationery, collected creative goods, and hand-crafted tabletop materials. The result is collection of goods from around the world, local finds, and products we have created and designed ourselves. It is our hope that with these items you will be the perfect host and create an event filled with interest and warmth!

Pressed Cotton is the brainchild of several artists who have been involved in the wedding and event industry for years. They met working on events in Wilmington, NC and have been joining creative forces ever since.